Warm Hug Thank you’s

29th November 2018

We hope our charity brings a smile or two to the kids and to the families affected by cancer. Please feel free to get in touch and let us know how your day was…



Hi, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you guys! Or daughter Isla is a ward 2 patient at sick kids in Edinburgh. She really loves animals and we often take her to visit the zoo. We benefited from some zoo vouchers from your box and used them towards an annual membership so we can now go anytime we like. Thank you so much x




Thank you for the Dobbies voucher. Emily was in QMH today getting her weekly chemotherapy, her 5th treatment of many. She finds it hard but loves going to Dobbies after to see the fish and get a book. You made it happen today, thank you!




Thank you so much Hamish Dear’s Warm Hugs for our Science Centre vouchers! Amy is 175 miles from home receiving treatment and was away from home, family and friends over Christmas. Amy was delighted to get a visit from her big sister today and it meant so much to be able to have a family fun day away from hospital and treatment. Thank you!!! ❤️




Sebastian hadn’t been feeling well recently as a result of his chemotherapy. He received a voucher for the Bon Accord centre to try and cheer him up and he headed straight to the Disney Store 🙂. Along with some Mickey Mouse tools (so he can help his daddy) he also got a Bullseye from Toy Story 2!




Just want to thank this wonderful charity Hamish Dear’s Warm Hugs for the wonderful gift my daughter Raheen Received today.
Thank you so much as you have brought a huge everlasting smile on her face. 😃






Michael exploded when he opened the box. Hes properly happy! Perfect timing after another late one at hospital too! He said “aw this cant be real” so you guys have made a wee boys day!





I would just like to say a big thankyou again for helping us with our trip to Dunblane. Evan had a great time and just loved being in the hotel.