Hamish’s Story

31st March 2016


Our beautiful wee boy, Hamish Leonard Dear, was born in October 2012.  Hamish filled our lives with love and laughter and his sense of humour and caring nature is something we will never forget.

In February 2015 Hamish was diagnosed with stage 4 Neuroblastoma.  For 9 months he battled bravely and we are filled with love and pride when we think of him.  Hamish had tough times but his funny, inquisitive and cheeky nature always shone through.  We always had hope and saw the cancer was gradually reducing, in fact his last scans had no visible signs of disease.

Suddenly and tragically complications arose from an undetected cancer on Hamish’s brain.  Sadly but peacefully Hamish passed away on 14.11.15.

Hamish Dear’s Warm Hugs is based upon our experience of having a child receiving treatment for cancer.  We wanted to make the good days great and help make special memories.  We hope that a ‘warm hug’ from Hamish will keep children smiling through their toughest battle.