Further Support

14th February 2018

We understand that financially it can become extremely difficult to give your children the good times they more than deserve, no matter what stage of their treatment they are at. We know we, as a charity can not cover everything but as we have grown and met other people at various events we have been made aware of other charities that can help with other needs. Please see the information below as these fantastic charities may be able to help you in some way…..


Logan’s Fund

logansfundLogans fund is based in Lossiemouth and was set up initially to help Logan Reece Main who was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma to get further treatment abroad. Tragically Logan passed away before he could get access to this treatment, like Hamish, Logan was 3 when he passed away. Logans family & friends wanted to keep his memory alive and help other children and families of those children, affected by cancer.
What they do is remarkable really, and they have grown from strength to strength. Initially they offered families the chance to get away from it all by offering stays at a wonderful 6 berth caravan at Lossiemouth bay caravan park.
They still offer this, however they offer a myriad of other activities and support for not just the children battling cancer but also their siblings. They have helped fund dry suits for children with central lines, singing & dancing lessons, surfing lessons, driving lessons and days out to numerous activity centres throughout Scotland, this list is by no means exhaustive!! It would seem the only limits to what they offer is the imaginations of the families accessing their fantastic charity. Please visit their site and you can see for first hand what they do…


Cathleen’s Cabin – Dunoon

cathleens cabinAt a recent fundraising event we were fortunate enough to stumble upon Maddie. We shared stories about what we did and it was great to hear what Maddie offers to families affected by a range of issues, including a child battling cancer or a family bereaved from loss. Cathleen’s cabin was set up in memory of her mother Cathleen McCarthy who truly believed in the benefit of family holidays and the chance to get away from it all. The cabin is a 3 bedroom caravan which sleeps up to 8 (and a well behaved dog) and is situated at Hunters Quay Dunoon.

We visited recently and can testify just to how great the caravan and surroundings are. Please visit her website and mention you where you found out about her and hopefully you can book a trip there.